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During the past week I can report that teams in our localities have carried out:


·        Carriageway patching on the Marsh (Weobley), C1109 (Auberrow), Auberrow Lane, Alton Cross, Ram Road, Mill Road, Wooton Road, Westhope Lane, Birley Road, The Pitch, Watery Lane, Dilwyn Common Road, C1081 & C1095.  

·        Hand gritting along Portland Street Weobley.

·        Culvert cleansing on Ram Road (Pyons).

·        Drainage grip cutting  on the C1122.

·        Gully cleansing on Auberrow Lane, the A417 & on Newton Lane (Hope).

·        Road sweeping along Newton Lane (Hope).

Please see below a list of my activities since my last communication:


·        4.2.19  Kington A & B road inspections completed.

·        5.2.19  Kington C and U road inspections completed.

·        6.2.19  Kington C Link road inspections completed.  Emergency call out to mud on the road A480 – warning signage already installed ground workers to clear debris.

·        7.2.19  Grit bin asset data collection across all wards.

·        8.2.19  Tomorrow I intend to continue gathering H/C Grit bin asset data.

Next week I will be carrying out Weobley A ,B ,C - U , and C Link statutory inspections.





Philip Pankhurst  | Locality Steward.


During the past week I can report that teams in our localities have carried out:


·        Carriageway patching on the A417, A4110, A480, C1095, C1092, C1094, Venmore Lane, C1101 the Parks, Church Road ( Weobley), B4230, Meadow Street (Weobley), B4457  & on Canon Pyon Road.

·        Grip cutting to allow water off the carriageway on C1120 from Moreton to Marden  (extensive works), on Sandpits to Alton Cross - Dilwyn & on the A480.

·        Removal of animal carcass from the A480.

·        Repair to ironworks on the A417.

·        Road sweeping on C1095 Burghill & on C1122.

·        Hand gritting along Portland Street Weobley.

·        Cleansing of verge markers on A4110 & A480 accident cluster sites.

·        Removal of hanging tree limb on the C1095.


Please see below a list of my activities since my last communication:


·        28.1.19  Emergency call out to Bringsty in Bromyard, Pothole logged Cat 1 B - made safe by inspector.   Emergency call out to C1124 – mud on the highway – defect raised for road sweeping Cat 2 B.  Training at Thorn Depot in the PM.

·        29.1.19  Potholes logged on Auberrow Lane -  Wellington to A49 + passed to the asset team with a view to adding to the resurfacing programme.  Inspection along Newton Lane with Parish Cllr - road sweeping , jetting and pit rebuild logged. Meeting in Hope Under Dinmore with Parish – Subsidence already recorded, damages caused by Network rail to be chased by Parish. Further meeting with Wellington Parish Cllr to discuss signage at School.

·        30.1.19  Potholes logged by Little Sarnesfield.  Dropped crossing inspection in Dilwyn Parish, 12 month – passed.  Inspection on C1109 Wellington potholes logged Cat 2 B. New 30 MPH roundels ordered for the Row Wellington.  Extensive grip and ditching works logged on C1109 Wellington.  Grip cutting logged by Haywood Industrial complex.

·        31.1.19  Delivery of Hereford Transport Package leaflets to Post offices in Moreton, Marden and Canon Pyon. Potholes logged on C1095 Tillington.  Return site visit to Weobley Kington road – flooding issue resolved by jetting crews.  Site visit on Weobley Marsh at Parish request – Parish updated about historic flooding issue, possible lengthsman repair.

·        1.2.19  Morning office based at Thorn, tomorrow afternoon I will be inspecting remaining enquiries across all wards.